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2019 Schedule

Date Venue City
March 5 Maples Reperatory Mardi Gras Party Macon, MO
March 9 Knox County Community Center Edina, MO
March 15 Ugo’s Pizza Bevier, MO
March 16 Fort Chariton Yarrow, MO
March 23 Private Party La Plata, MO
May 26 Fort Chariton Yarrow, MO
May 31 Cecil P’s La Belle, MO
June 7 Summer on the Square Kirksville, MO
June 8 Private Party Bevier, MO
June 11 BIG BAM Macon, MO
June 15 Geneseo Music Festival Geneseo, IL
June 23 St. Joseph Catholic Church Salisbury, MO
July 3 Marceline Fire Dept 4th of July Celebration Marceline, MO
July 5 Fort Chariton Yarrow, MO
July 6 Silver Rails Event Center La Plata, MO
August 6 Ugo’s Pizza Bevier, MO
August 13 MEC Annual Meeting Macon, MO
August 24 Fork and Cork Festival Macon, MO
August 24 Antique Days Memphis, MO
August 30 Soybean Festival La Plata, MO
September 1 Fort Chariton Yarrow, MO
September 13 Private Party Bevier, MO
September 14 Pershing Days Laclede, MO
September 21 Jackson Stables Winery Kirksville, MO
September 28 Shelmadine’s Grand Opening Bevier, MO
October 5-6 Louisburg Cider Fest Louisburg, MO
October 26 Harvest Festival Osceola, IA
November 2 True Blue BBQ New Cambria, MO
November 30 True Blue BBQ New Cambria, MO
December 5 Open Mic Night – Maples Reperatory Theatre Macon, MO
December 13 Private Party Kirksville, MO
new_icon December 14 True Blue BBQ New Cambria, MO
new_icon December 29 Fort Chariton Yarrow, MO