About Us

How We Came About

Keota was formed in 2007 with 5 longtime local musicians from the
Macon, Missouri area. Their name is drawn from an almost gone
settlement that lies West of Macon a few miles near Bevier. When this
group of individuals first started getting together to play informally
in living room jam sessions it soon became apparent that every single
member would rather make music than anything else on earth. That
passion is what drives the band to strive to make the music experience
of Keota as memorable and pleasurable for you as it is for them.

Our style of music is best described as “eclectic”. We love the sound
of traditional acoustic instruments, but weave them into songs that many
times you’d never hear them played in… creating a sound that is unique
to Keota. Everything from Folk, to Country, to Blues (yes… blues),
70’s songs and more than a few original compositions.

The Band

Mary Beth Lolli Truitt
In one of lifes little twists and turns that just happen, Mary Beth’s background is in classical opera and has performed as such very successfully… but the country girl came home and has sang with a number of bands and as a soloist at many events. A gift of music that is seldom seen. Her lead vocals and harmony with Martina is something you must experience in person. She plays the upright bass in Keota also and keyboard.

Ronnie Truitt
Ronnie has been deeply involved in professional music since his high school days, playing with a number of bands. When you see him lean into that Martin guitar and start to pick, it’s just incredible.  Truly one of the most talented guitarists you’ll ever run across.  He’s just as comfortable with the resonator (dobro) and uses it as well on a few of Keota’s songs.  Ronnie also has an awesome singing voice and you’ll often see him standing at the mic just letting it all out… an excellent showman as well as player/singer.

Jace Weber
Jace is the band’s mandolin player and handles it in ways that you’ve never seen… developing a style that doesn’t quite follow the norm for traditional mando players. Never heard the blues stretched out of a mandolin? You will.. He’s also a very talented guitarist, playing that instrument since he was 14. Often times you’ll see him and Ronnie getting busy on the guitars. Jace’s voice is waaay down there, and often times takes the microphone with his deep growly tone, giving a song a sound that you won’t forget.

Daniel Thompson
The “new guy” in the band, Daniel brings an arsenal of instruments to each show. A veritable Swiss-Army musician, at any point in the show you might find him playing the banjo, dobro, fiddle, tin whistle, guitar, drums/cajon, harmonica, misc percussion & catalytic converter. He also provides vocal harmonies, especially the higher registers the gruff boys can’t reach.

Martina Miller (Occasional Guest)

This gal has a voice that is so pure and driven, you never want her to stop singing. Everyone in the audience stops what they’re doing when Martina takes the microphone and be it an original Christian song or a “from the gut” blues number, it’s very clear… she IS in charge. Truly incredibly gifted. You’ll often see a guitar in Martina’s hands while we perform as well.