Upcoming Shows

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2019 Schedule

Date Venue City
March 5 Maples Reperatory Mardi Gras Party Macon, MO
March 9 Knox County Community Center Edina, MO
March 15 Ugo’s Pizza Bevier, MO
March 16 Fort Chariton Yarrow, MO
March 23 Private Party La Plata, MO
June 7 Summer on the Square Kirksville, MO
June 11 BIG BAM Macon, MO
June 23 St. Joseph Catholic Church Salisbury, MO
July 3 Marceline Fire Dept 4th of July Celebration Marceline, MO
August 13 MEC Annual Meeting Macon, MO
August 24 Antique Days Memphis, MO
September 13 Private Party Bevier, MO